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Plastic injection moulding

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Extra options

Extra technologies for added value

Alongside our standard capabilities for plastic injection moulding, we also provide a number of additional technical options. This enables us to lend your product extra added value whilst expanding the capabilities of plastic injection moulding.

Moulding2K injection moulding

Using the multiple-component injection moulding technology, we bond two different types of plastic in the same mould. This application is used in products that have multiple properties, items in two different colours or a combination of hard and soft melts. The two components meld together through the process of thermal-chemical bonding.

Insert moulding

This technology sees us overmould a non-plastic component with plastic. This technology is perfect for strengthening a product in plastic or for putting an insert in place.

GasinjectieGas-assisted injection moulding

Gas-assisted injection moulding allows us to produce cavity plastic products. After the mould has been filled, in full or in part, with liquid plastic, we inject an inert gas under constant pressure. This acts to produce a cavity wall. This technology brings added formability, extra robustness and saves on materials.

In-mould labelling and other printing technologies

Using in-mould labelling technology, we apply high-quality images, bar codes or texts into the mould. Other printing technologies include: hot stamp foil (large monochrome prints), screen printing (for detailed information) or automatic labelling. Applying RFID tags for tracking & tracing objects is another possibility.