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Superlative quality for plastic injection moulding

When it comes to plastic injection moulding, Didak Injection makes the difference courtesy of our versatile machine pool, a comprehensive range of technical facilities and a number of quality guarantees. You will find our custom-made products as parts and components in high-grade industrial applications and in the automotive industry. We pursue long-term business relations with all of our customers. How do we make sure our products offer superlative quality?

Long-standing expertise and know-how in plastic injection moulding

Didak Injection has been around since the 1960s. From day one, we have entirely focused on plastic injection moulding. This focus has brought us unseen expertise. Click here to find out more 'about us'.

Your partner for product enhancements

If we can see ways to improve your product in a technical sense, we are delighted to share our know-how with you. Together, we go for a high-quality final result.

Greatly automated production environment

Our versatile machine pool with a broad assortment of around thirty injection moulding machines is greatly automated. Raw materials supply and assembly operations for instance are continuous and fully automated.

In-house technical department

We have our own fully equipped technical department that handles the maintenance of our machine pool and fast repairs or revisions of moulds. All of which is performed with a view to ensuring maximum continuity of production and making good on our delivery guarantees.

Interested in what we can do for you for in the area of plastic injection moulding? Contact us for a no-obligation introductory meeting.

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