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Reusable plastic crates and trays

Plastic crates and trays according to EURO standards

The most appropriate plastic crates for soft drinks and beerFor reusable plastic crates and trays we manufacture both custom runs as well as our own range using plastic injection moulding. These high-quality trays are used in very large numbers in the food industry (for the transport of fruit, meat, vegetables, …) but equally in virtually every single supermarket (folding crates). Another application is the manufacture of the familiar crates and trays for beers and soft drinks. In addition, we build robust crates for all types of material handling.

We manufacture these trays in compliance with applicable EURO standards, making them fully pallet and lorry compatible with a view to ensuring easy stacking. Thanks to their high-grade quality and robustness our crates and trays can be used for years on end. Our self-designed trays and crates combine a number of properties:

  • Very light, yet particularly strong
  • Very easy to wash
  • Ingeniously designed for fast filling or emptying
  • The trays are stackable or can be collapsed into a smaller size for efficient return transport or reduced space storage.
  • The design is entirely geared towards efficient stacking and nesting.

Orders from 500 pieces

Our standard trays can be ordered as from 500 pieces, leaving you free to order smaller extra batches at any time in due course. Thanks to our large stocks, we deliver virtually immediately after your order has come in. Click any of the following for further technical information (capabilities, sizes, compositions etc.):

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